Picture Prayers: The Journey to Picture Perfect Prayers

If there were ever a subject that may need a fresher coat of paint, prayers would be near the top of that list-well at least for some of us. For those of us who were raised in the tradition of Christian homes, we all know the drill when it comes to striking a pose for prayer. When aiming to present yourself to God, it was expected that all eyes be closed, heads bowed, fingers clasped and 'Amen' had better follow anything you might have just muttered under your breath. This is the personal and true story of one young woman's struggle to pray with intention, sincerity and depth only to be taught these elements from an angelic presence to pray with just a glimpse at a picture in mind, heart and soul. 'Prayer can be done this quickly, this is how we communicate', an angelic voice whispered.Thus, 'Picture Prayers' were relayed and a new form of prayer had come into light for her and quite possibly-the world. It was all so quaint, so poised and so natural, praying in pictures had changed her life and connection with God forever! Heidi Hollis is a writer, occupational therapist, lecturer, and advice columnist. She lives in Wisconsin, USA.