The 59th edition is more than 3,000 pages long and covers data on over 4,000 drugs by brand and generic name (both in the same index), manufacturer, and product category. The 2005 PDR provides usage information and warnings, drug interactions, plus more than 2,000 full-size, full-color photos cross-referenced to the product information. Also included are: phonetic spelling for most listings, a key to controlled substances, FDA use-in-pregnancy ratings, contraindications, all other FDA-required information, clinical pharmacology, adverse reactions, pediatric use, dosages.On average, over 70% of the drugs found in PDR have prescribing information that has been updated from the previous years' edition. This means that each year thousands of changes are made to drugs. Among these changes are: Interactions with other drugs, side effects, recommended dosages, contraindications, black box warnings and how supplied methods.