Phonetic Analysis of Speech Corpora

An accessible introduction to the phonetic analysis of speechcorpora, this workbook-style text provides an extensive set ofexercises to help readers develop the necessary skills to designand carry out experiments in speech research. Offers the first step-by-step treatment of advanced techniquesin experimental phonetics using speech corpora and downloadablesoftware, including the R programming language Introduces methods of analyzing phonetically-labelled speechcorpora, with the goal of testing hypotheses that often arise inexperimental phonetics and laboratory phonology Incorporates an extensive set of exercises and answers toreinforce the techniques introduced Accessibly written with easy-to-follow computer commands andspectrograms of speech Companion website at,which includes illustrations, video tutorials, appendices, anddownloadable speech corpora for testing purposes. Discusses techniques in digital speech processing and instructuring and querying annotations from speech corpora Includes substantial coverage of analysis, including measuringgestural synchronization using EMA, the acoustics of vowels,consonant overlap using EPG, spectral analysis of fricatives andobstruents, and the probabilistic classification of acoustic speechdata