Philosophical and Ideological Perspectives on Education

The Second Edition of Philosophical and Ideological Perspectives in Education continues to examine the major schools of philosophy of education through the systems approach. It also considers the relationship of education to major ideologies such as Liberalism, Conservativism, and Marxism. The third section on Educational Theory analyzes the impact of philosophy and ideology on educational theory and practice by examining such theories as Essentialism, Perennialism, Progressivism, and Social Reconstructionism. Although focusing on the philosophy of education, this book provides a three-dimensional introduction to educational ideas. First, it examines the major philosophical systems and ideologies that have shaped educational thought and practice. Second, it outlines certain ideas from philosophy and ideology to illustrate how these disciplines contribute to educational theory. Third, in seeking to provide a context for educational philosophy, ideology, and theory, it includes biographical sketches of principal originators or contributors of leading ideas about education. The design of this text has a layering effect in which philosophy, ideology, and theory are treated in a single volume. The discussion questions involve the class in considering the relevance and application of the chapter to their career as teachers. The inquiry projects are designed to amplify the concepts and issues in independent activities that can be pursued out of class. When the course is completed, students will have a cognitive map of the area of philosophy of education as well as the ideology in relationship to educational theory. They will be able to locate currently developing issues in education in this broader and more theoretical matrix. Through its concentration on important philosophical ideas that have had a continuing impact on education, schools, teaching, and learning, this classic text relates education to its broad cultural inheritance.