Pharmacokinetics: An Introduction

This is a little book with no great pretensions. The authors do not claim it to be world-startling nor Nobel- or Pulitzer-prize-winning. It is a valuable primer for pharmacokinetics for those desiring a proper initiation into previously assumed mysteries. It is fully intended as an introduction to the basic concept of pharmacokinetics and will be welcomed by all who wish to apply its principles to their own disciplines, whether in life sciences or medicine, without being confused by excess mathematics. It is edited by two well-known German scientists who are primarily practicing pediatricians and who use pharmacokinetics in their daily work, in a field of medicine where the proper adjustment of doses for infants and children is a delicate and life-preserving art. They were trained as pediatricians and as pharmacokinetists by the world-renowned Profes- sor F. HARTMUT DOST, who uniquely synthesized these two disciplines and who, as a pioneer in this field, published the first book on pharmacokine- tics in 1953. In their own right, the editors have conducted excellent and unique research on the effect and fate of drugs and have followed up the unexpected changes in drug action accompanying the rapid developments encountered in the initial hours, days, and weeks after birth. You will find some interesting Germanisms in this book a la Professor DOST. I personally feel that these will give some spice to their renditions.