Peru: Yavari

Conducted during the spring of 2003 in the Yavari and Yavari Mirin river valleys in the Amazonian lowlands of northeastern Peru, this survey provides both biological and social analyses offering a deep and multi-faceted picture of the area. Participating scientists examined four sites along the Yavari River. At each site, they surveyed a mix of forest types and microhabitats, both in the hilly uplands and on the Yavaris broad floodplain. Their report covers surveys of vascular plants, fishes, reptiles, and amphibians; birds, large mammals, and bats. The report also discusses the findings of a social assets inventory among nearby communities, in which teams used participant observation and conducted semi-structured interviews to quickly evaluate the assets of local communities, and estimate how the communities could be points of engagement for long-term participation in conservation efforts. The survey also reports on the main threats to the area, and offers recommendations for protection, management, and long-term conservation benefits.