Pathways to Teacher Leadership: Emerging Models, Changing Roles

Pathways to Teacher Leadership investigates emerging patterns in the development and effectiveness of teacher leadership. What roles do teachers pursue as they seek to lead change in their schools? What pressures and challenges do emerging leaders face? How can principals and peers support effective teacher leadership? Marya R. Levenson takes a broad view of teacher leadership, encompassing not only instructional leadership but also teachers' roles in organisational improvement at the school level and the emerging movement to give teachers a voice in district, state and federal policy. She looks closely at the particular demands on young teachers in mission-driven urban schools, as well as those in more traditional settings. Drawing on lively case studies of teacher leadership in different contexts, she examines the potentially sticky relationships between emerging leaders, principles, families and communities. Pathways to Teacher Leadership provides a powerful counterpoint to current debates about teacher quality and shows how teachers can work together to make schools better.