Pathfinder Module: Daughters of Fury

* Fury has come to the border town of Arwyll Stead! Life on the fringes of orc-ruled Belkzen has never been easy, but since the last member of the Arwyll family was murdered things have become even more desperate. Orc-blooded terrors are killing the town's defenders and threatening to lay siege, devils fly overheard, and the only half-orc who might know the secret of these nightmarish new invaders has been struck mute. Can the PCs manage to both keep the town from erupting into panic and discover what is behind the horrifying rash of infernal attacks? * The winning entry of Paizo's 2014 RPG Superstar Contest - in which unpublished authors compete for a chance to write a Pathfinder Module - Daughters of Fury is a 1st-level adventure that includes not only Victoria Jaczko's winning adventure, but also a selection of the best monsters submitted by other contestants.