Pathfinder Adventure Path: Iron Gods: Part 1: Fires of Creation

* In the brand-new Iron Gods Adventure Path, the heroes explore one of Golarion's most exotic and unusual realms - the land of Numeria - where savage barbarism clashes with the wonders and horrors of superscience. A strange, violet bonfire burns atop the town of Torch's central hill, its flames hot enough to allow smiths to work with the hardest of exotic metals harvested from the enormous crashed starship at Numeria's heart. When the fire is suddently extinguished, the heroes must delve into a previously unknown set of caves below the town that lead to a strange buried metallic ruin. Will the heroes survive the technological dungeon, or will they fall in a hail of robotic foes and laser fire? * The first volume in the Iron Gods Adventure Path, Fires of Creation is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 1st-level characters that, for the first time ever, blends elements of science fiction and fantasy to create a unique campaign experience.