Patent Law for Paralegals

Patent Laws for Paralegals approaches the topic of patent law in an organized and logical fashion, and provides a thorough grounding in the life cycle of a patent. The text begins with an introduction to the general topic of intellectual property, reviewing the agency responsible for issuing patents (the USPTO), proceeding to patent searches, patent applications, post-issuance actions, patent ownership and transfer, and patent infringement. The text concludes with chapters on new developments in patent law, international patent protection, and patent audits and due diligence. Information is arranged in a building-block approach so that the student is presented with comprehensive coverage of each topic. The substantive discussion of each topic is complemented by the use of forms, sample agreements, checklists, flowcharts, and other practical guides. References to useful Internet sites are provided in each chapter so students can obtain additional information. Discussion questions are provided throughout the text to ensure thorough understanding of each topic. A glossary highlights critical terms, and selected patent statutes are provided, together with a table showing signatories to various international patent agreements and treaties.