Patagonia: Land of Giants

Throughout the early age of discovery in the 15th and 16th centuries, Patagonia, the southernmost region of South America, held a special place in explorers' imaginations. Named Terra Australis quae incognita est on maps, this unknown land was believed to host landscapes, peoples, and wildlife unlike anything else on Earth. Today, the real Patagonia - encompassing a million square kilometers of Argentina and Chile from the Colorado River in the north to Cape Horn in the south - still embraces a landscape largely unspoiled by development and filled with diverse wildlife and natural beauty. Patagonia: Land of Giants captures the wonders of the Patagonian landscape in hundreds of stunning color photographs by famed Argentine nature photographer Daniel Rivademar. The accompanying text by biologist Alejandro Winograd vividly portrays the unrivalled features of this still-wild land-its unique animals, stunning vistas, and local culture.