ATTENTION GRADE 10 CIVICS TEACHERS Now on the Ontario Trillium List! A Civics program with a difference: Simple, practical, readable! A program designed specifically for struggling students!- Students working below grade level - Students who need to develop core literacy skills of reading, writing and oral communication - ESL students Passport to Civics is an exciting new student text offering the following to students and their teachers:Full-colour, highly-visual text geared to the reluctant or challenged reader- Short, easy-to read paragraphs that are numbered for easy reference - Language sequenced from simple to more complex structures throughout the text - Frequent question blocks to develop comprehension, critical thinking and Social Studies skills Consistent vocabulary-building throughout the program - Key terms defined where they first appear, then repeated in the glossary - Chapter-end vocabulary building in every chapter-end Review section - Ongoing student-generated personal dictionary Concrete, real-life approach to often-abstract content - 33 short, easy-to-read and compelling case studies - 22 Citizen-In-Action profiles of real people making a difference in Canadian society and the world - Take Action Portfolio - Students build their own personal action plan for making a difference as citizens of Canada and of the world Plus much more in the concise, practical Teachers' Resource Book! Everything teachers need to customize the program to their students' specific challenges- Specific lessons in language use and grammatical structures - Suggestions for building lessons and developing skills through reproducible worksheets and guided use of the text - particularly helpful for non-specialist or new teachers!