Particles and Fields: Tenth Mexican School on Particles and Field, Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, 30 October - 6 November 2002

The Division of Particles and Fields of the Mexican Physical Society (DPF-MPS) organized the X Mexican School of Particles and Fields (X MSPF). This meeting was dedicated to celebrate the 60th birthdays of Augusto Garcia and Arnulfo Zepeda, pioneers of this field in Latin America. The scientific program of the X MSPF included 70 review lectures on the most recent advances in high energy physics: experiment, theory, and phenomenology. Leading lecturers from more than ten countries presented their material at plenary sessions. Contributed papers were presented in a poster session. The topics covered during the X MSPF are the following: Precision tests of the standard model, QCD, neutrino physics, SUSY, experimental high energy physics, new physics and effective theories, quantum field theory, strings, quantum gravity, and cosmology.