Parenting the Overactive Child: Alternatives to Drug Therapy

Paperback / softback
The use of Ritalin in the treatment of hyperactive children has risen dramatically in recent years. Despite a number of reports describing the potential dangers of this medication, Ritalin continues to be the primary method of therapy for children with learning and behaviour problems. This book is designed to make parents aware of alternative treatments. It discusses the importance of a thorough diagnosis to identify the causes of the child's overactivity; it outlines the potential problems and harmful effects associated with the use of medication; and it cautions against the quick fix mentality that medication often breeds. The book aims to provide parents with methods for training their children to become goal-directed, successful individuals who plan ahead and make good, healthy decisions. It instructs parents in the application of various behaviour modification techniques which have been successful in helping children learn to behave responsibly at home and at school.