Parent Partnership for Positive Performance: Practical Strategies for Promoting a Learning Culture in Less Advantaged Families

Spiral bound
Despite all efforts to raise attainment, the gap between the affluent and the poor does not diminish. To help schools tackle their problem, this practical book offers guidance and strategies on how to assist less advantaged families in becoming active partner in their child's education. To develop this partnership the book has three parts: the shaping of attitudes and behaviour that influence performance at school; practical strategies to promote a learning culture in less advantaged families; and supporting a school's development plan. Within these three parts there are 12 practical activities with a PowerPoint for staff development, case study material and a Home Activity 'Three-a-Day' parent booklet. These example starter packs for younger and older children offer, in an encouraging and friendly style, 25 activities/ideas based around: talking, reading and writing; number, shape and measuring; making and doing things; playing and painting; and running, climbing and enjoying. This is a resource that will help schools to encourage and support parents in being aware of the powerful role they play in their child's attainment and what they can do about it. The pack includes a CD-ROM with the PowerPoint presentation and the 'Three-a-Day' booklet, as well as the practical tasks.