Paper, Metal and Stitch

Stunning bestseller new in paperback! This is an essential book on using paper and metal in textile art and embroidery. Interest in new and exciting surfaces in textile art continues unabated and this is still the best book on the subject by two leading textile artists. Paper is a very popular choice, and handmade and purchased papers can be manipulated, cut, torn, stitched and moulded into any shape or form. You can add colour, texture and metallic effects. New forms of metal can be used in textiles, such as metal shim (very thin stitch-friendly slices of real metal), glittering metal meshes, wires and coils, beads and foils, and recycled domestic metals. And stitch is the ultimate enhancer. The book has great suggestions for combining elements of paper, metal and stitch to produce finished stitched pieces - books, panels, icons and frames. With step by step instructions, all you need is this book, your enthusiasm and a swing-needle sewing machine.