Palestine in Crisis: The Struggle For Peace and Political Independence After Oslo

`Graham Usher ... does the best foreign on-the-spot reporting from Palestine.' Edward Said, London Review of Books `Graham Usher has provided regular reports and analyses of exceptionally high quality about developments in Israel/Palestine and the region. His book is a very welcome contribution and is indispensable for those who try to follow and understand these complex affairs and their (very great) significance.' Noam Chomsky`[Usher has an] unrivalled familiarity with the shifts of fortune experienced by the Palestinians since the early years of the intifada ... Palestine in Crisis is a tour de force.' Michael Adams, Middle East International `One of the most knowledgeable journalists writing in English about the West Bank and Gaza Strip.' Joel Beinin, Middle East Report`A brilliant work ... Usher is one of the leading experts on Palestinian political life and on resistance to the Israeli occupation.' Le Monde DiplomatiqueThe signing of the Oslo agreement between Palestine and Israel in 1993 was hailed as an historic moment inaugurating a new epoch of peaceful coexistence for both parties. Yet, despite the positive moves on the parts of both Arabs and Israelis, the conflict continues and the Palestinians now seem as far away as ever from achieving statehood. Palestine in Crisis is a highly acclaimed, succinct overview of this critical period in contemporary Middle Eastern politics, now brought fully up to date with an afterword covering recent events.