Paladino Palazzo Reale

This is a retrospective of Italian contemporary artist Mimmo Paladino. Mimmo Paladino (1948) is an Italian sculptor, painter, and printmaker. He has worked for thirty years out of Milan and Rome. This catalogue of his retrospective exhibition showcases 50 paintings and sculptures and documents Paladino's artistic production over those three decades. The exhibition is one of the largest ever dedicated to a contemporary artist and opens with some of his first paintings through to the front of Milan's cathedral where there is the monumental Montagna di Sale (salt mountain) 10m high and 35m wide from which emerge 30 carved horses. Paladino has displayed work at the Royal Academy, the Tate and across Europe, the US and Australia. He is also interested in the relationship between visual art and sound and worked with the sound artist Brian Eno on the installation / Dormienti for the Roundhouse, London in 1999.