Painting Light the Cape School Method with Camille Przewodek

Capture the brilliance of light as it washes over your subjects Take a master oil painting workshop with renowned colorist and instructor Camille Przewodek-transform your artwork as you learn to enhance your color knowledge and begin to see the world in terms of color and light. Join Camille in the studio for an essential color study and learn her best tips, including how she uses exaggerated color notes to paint the true light effect. Discover the eye-opening color study: Achieve your desired tone and color value-explore Camille's palette as she reveals how to adjust each hue with a color-mixing demo. Reach a deeper understanding of light effects-it can be as simple as making color comparisons with essential block studies. See more than just shadows-unlock your sight and discover color in even seemingly gray, black, or white areas. And more! Order your copy of Painting Light: The Cape School Method with Camille Przewodek today!