P. Vergili Maronis Opera 2 Volume Paperback Set

Multiple copy pack
This is the second edition of Virgil's works by the German classical philologist Otto Ribbeck published in Leipzig in 1894-1895. It is solely a work of textual criticism, in which Ribbeck assembled the most reliable edition from different authorities. While it includes no commentary on the text by the editor, it is considered a work of great erudition, demonstrating the scholar's knowledge of the Virgil corpus. It consists of four parts published in two volumes. Part 1 contains the Eclogues, a series of poems about idyllic rural life, and the Georgics, a poetical treatise on farming and agriculture. Part 2 contains the first half of Virgil's greatest epic poem, the Aeneid, which covers Aeneas' journey to Italy, and continues in Part 3, with the war in Italy. The final part contains the Appendix Vergiliana, a series of seven minor poems which have been attributed to Virgil.