Owl Labskills Prelabs Organic Chemistry 24-Months Printed Access Card

Online resource
Are your students ready for Lab? Package this access card with your textbook to give your students access to OWL, the #1 online homework and tutorial system for chemistry, now with a new LabSkills course that prepares students for their lab sessions through prelab assignments. LabSkills makes it easy for you to require students to complete the material prior to attending lab. LabSkills content in OWL is easy to assign and automatically graded. Initially launched in the UK, LabSkills is currently used by schools and universities in more than thirty countries worldwide. LabSkills includes step-by-step videos to introduce students to lab techniques, equipment and safety skills needed to successfully complete labs; interactive modules to give students an opportunity to interact with lab equipment prior to lab; safety training and information to ensure that students are prepared to safely complete their labs; and quizzes to assess student understanding and retention of key concepts, so they can see where they need further study. To learn more or to see a demo, please contact your Cengage Learning representative or visit us at www.cengage.com/owl.