Outsourcing Human Resources Functions: How, Why, When, and when Not to Contract for HR Services

Executives and HR professionals will gain the edge in the competitive and increasingly global business world with this detailed breakdown of outsourcing. A who's who of large companies, including the Bank of America, IBM, Motorola, PepsiCo, and Procter & Gamble, are outsourcing their human resources needs; today's business question is no longer if companies will outsource HR, but when and how they will do so. This guide covers every aspect of outsourcing, taking readers step-by-step through identifying functional candidates for outsourcing—defining requirements, drawing up a request for proposal (RFP) and a request for information (RFI), assessing the proposals and bidders, contracting for services, and managing their outsourced functions successfully. Helpful sample contracts are included on a CD-ROM, ensuring that when the time comes for a business to look outside its staff, its managers will be equipped for success.