Our Common Journey: A Pioneering Approach to Cooperative Environmental Management:

In Our Common Journey, Paul de Jongh proposes a new model of cooperative environmental management that brings together government, business, citizens, and activists to work out long-term deals for achieving a sustainable environment and economy. De Jongh's model is based on lessons learned during his leadership of the Dutch National Environmental Policy Plan (NEPP). Now widely seen as the international standard in sustainable development planning, the NEPP is inspiring a more effective environmental policy approach around the world. Drawing on his twenty years of Dutch and international experience, De Jongh describes the five key elements of cooperative environmental management: * integrating environmental responsibilities into society as a whole * providing clear information * recognizing policy as a process with many different actors playing critical roles * framing the debate in terms acceptable to all participants * working for long-term continuity in policies. De Jongh then uses these elements to assess developments in Europe, North America, Oceania, and global environmental diplomacy. Our Common Journey is an insider account told through dozens of candid interviews with leading business and environmental experts around the world. De Jongh's co-author, Sean Captain, provides an American perspective and renders the concepts fully accessible to an English-speaking audience, making the book a global guide to a sustainable planet.