Orientation to Deafness

This unique sourcebook provides a comprehensive overview of the field of deafness and the development of deaf individuals from birth through adulthood. Not only does the text focus on educational perspectives, psychosocial precepts, communication modes, vocational opportunities, support services, and recent technological advances, it provides the reader with insights into one of the fastest growing populations today - the deafened adult. Orientation to Deafness provides insights into the psychosocial development of Deaf children of Deaf parents, as well as deaf children of hearing parents. Throughout the chapters, myths surrounding deafness are dispelled and the salient characteristics of Deaf culture that lie at the heart of the Deaf community are examined. Special attention is given to the anatomy and physiology of the hearing mechanism, and recent advances in hearing aids, modern technology, and an annotated list of support services are provided. The broad scope of subject matter presented allows for flexibility and provides fresh material for new approaches to basic courses within the field of deaf education. This excellent introductory text is also a teaching-learning vehicle - basic concepts and illustrations are repeated in different contexts to promote comprehension and enhance retention. Designed as a source book on the many dimensions of deafness, Orientation to Deafness is dedicated to providing a panoramic view of a complex field rather than an in-depth analysis of each major dimension.