Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour is a comprehensive textbook designed to meet the requirements of MBA/PGDM students. It provides an insight into the behaviour of individuals and groups in organizations in a fast changing environment. Developed to help students appreciate and manage the complexities and challenges of human behaviour in modern organizations, the book covers the core concepts and research in the field, and places emphasis on managerial applications. The exposition in each chapter begins with a caselet to sensitize the readers with the theme of the chapter and closes with a case study to exemplify the concepts and issues discussed in the chapter. The theory is reinforced with suitable examples, corporate incidents. exhibits, and illustrations to develop the managerial acumen of students. The book begins by introducing the concept and evolution of organizational behaviour and goes on to delve on organizational strategies and policies and how strategic controls are implemented in an organization, organizational structure and systems. It explores individual behaviour and its effect on organizational behaviour, discussing topics such as attitude and its measurement, and the effect of personality and emotional intelligence on organizational behaviour. The book explicates the concept of group in the organizational environment, highlighting issues such as conflict and stress, power and politics and their management. It has elaborate discussions on job design to increase employee motivation and productivity. Key concepts such as leadership, communication and negotiation, ethics and ethical practices in organizations are discussed extensively. The text deliberates on the influence of globalization on organizational behaviour, organizational culture and its impact on the working of organizations, cross-cultural issues and the use of organizational development tools for effecting organizational transformation and change.