Organic Section

The present volume continues the aim of Structure Reports to present critical accounts of all crystallographic structure determinations. Details of the arrange- ment in the volumes, symbols used etc. are given in previous volumes (e. g. 41B or 42A, pages vi-viii). University of Guelph, G. FERGUSON Guelph, Ontario, Canada July 1st, 1989 [VI] STRUCTURE REPORTS for 1982 Volume49B Part2 STRUCTURE REPORTS for 1982 Volume 49B (Part 2) ORGANIC SECTION General editor G. Ferguson Section editor G. Ferguson Springer Science+Business Media, B. V. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction, VI Main-group Compounds (continued), 833 Transition-metal Compounds, 904 Subject Index, 1687 Formula Index, 1774 Author Index, 1806 [V} STRUCTURE REPORTS SECTION III ORGANIC COMPOUNDS Edited by G. Ferguson with the assistance of M. Currie D. L. Hughes C. H. L. Kennard A. L. Macdonald W. C. Marsh D. F. Rendle S. J. Rettig S. N. Scrimgeour [1] ARRANGEMENT 2 To find a particular organic or organometallic compound the subject index or formula index at the end of Part 2 of this volume should be used. The general arrangement is: aliphatic or open-chain compounds; open chains with N, S; benzene derivatives; cyclic hydrocarbons; condensed ring systems; heterocyclic compounds; carbohydrates; amino acids; natural products; molecular complexes; organometallic compounds - 8, Si, P, As, Sb, groups IA, IIA, III, IV, VI; transition metal complexes - w-complexes, other ligands; inorganic anions which have organic counter ions.