Ores in Sediments: VIII. International Sedimentological Congress, Heidelberg, August 31 - September 3, 1971: 1973

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In 1963 the first Symposium on Ores in Sediments took place as part of an Inter- national Sedimentological Congress. At the end of that first Symposium. the group then assembled adopted a resolution printed in the book which resulted from it (AM- STUTZ. 1964, p. 7). and points (3). (4) and (5) read as follows: (3) The group considers the integration of sedimentology in any study of ore deposits in sediments essential to a correct interpretation. A study of the role of sedi- mentary processes, including diagenesis, is an important field in pure as well as in applied research on the genesis of mineral deposits. (4) In particular. the group also considers the knowledge of sedimentary rocks and processes (in regard to both. the fabric and the geochemical detail) a prerequi- site for the understanding of subsequent metamorphic processes and their pos- sible role in the deformation and reconstitution of mineral deposits and host rocks. (5) The group suggests that similar symposia could with advantage be held at future Congresses of the International Association of Sedimentologists. The Editors wish to thank the International Association of Sedimentology for includ- ing another Symposium on ore minerals in its Congress program.