Oregon Trail: The Road to Destiny

Join one family's epic journey by oxen-drawn wagon train along the Oregon Trail in this thrilling historical graphic novel for young readers. Narrated by eleven-year-old Rebecca Weston, this is the tale of a historic trip across more than 2,000 miles of untamed land with remarkable encounters with wildlife, Native Americans, and natural wonders. This brilliant graphic novel reveals all of the planning, equipment, and logistics that went into traveling across an untamed continent in the 1800s as well as the hardship, heartbreak, and happiness they experience along the way. The dynamic comic style of illustrator David Lasky reveals epic landscapes of the west and a visual inventory of everything the family took with them, including the parts of a covered wagon and a personally annotated map of the trail. Readers feel intimately what it was like to be part of this storied migration west--not a dry recitation of dates and facts--but an immediately memorable living history. Come along and experience firsthand one of the great American adventures--a brave family in search of a better life.