Optics: Phenomena, Materials, Devices, and Characterization

These proceedings will be of interest to scientists and students in the fields of Optics, Lasers, Optoelectronics, Photonics, Optical materials, Solar Cells, Organic Electronics, Sensors, Glasses, and Polymers. This collection of peer reviewed articles are selected from a large number of papers presented at the International conference on optics: Phenomena. Materials , devices and characterization, intended to bring together those working in the multifaceted areas of optics and photonics. A wide spectrum of topics in the broad spectrum of optics and optical materials are covered here. This proceedings volume contains a vivid picture of the state of the art in optical materials, phenomena devices and applications. Articles by Maestros in the field like nonlinear optical properties of no conjugated conducting polymers, Organic Photovoltaics, Molecular Electronics, Coherent |Pump spectroscopy, Selective deposition of materials for optical applications and various spectroscopic techniques and applications are available here. Experienced and novice players in the field of optic and optoelectronics and photonics presents a multifaceted picture of interesting and emerging technology of optics. There are a number of interesting and innovative articles on Cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy, Diagnostic imaging, Image encryption, Electronic structure and optical properties of materials, Ultrafast lasers, Photonic band gap materials and characterization etc. Organic Solar Cells and Organic Light Emitting diodes related articles are another important class included. Articles on Biological optical tools and phenomena are also finding a significant place in the volume.