Optics for Optometry Students

Introduction of this new subject of optometry in the curriculum necessitates to understand its technology and different optical instruments that are used as visual aids and for accurate measurements of normal and defective human vision what are the new dimensions to eye care techniques. This book provides an up-to-date knowledge in different phenomena relating to optics. It covers aberrometry and wavefront technology, refraction at a plane and spherical surface, chromatic aberration, optical fibre, lenses and their varieties, light, wave light and simple harmonic, motion, holography, defraction and polarization of light coherence, laser, photometry, spectroscopy, the velocity of light and its importance, viscosity and fluid motion, contact lenses, etc. Includes many recent techniques of refractive errors and surgery of the eye. Incorporate skillfully the theory and art of practice of optics and refraction. Its text is so well organized that helps to understand, retain and reproduce facts easily. Provides a detailed study on action of the eye and response of eye to light color formation of image, far and near. This book is a complete current and perfect reference to study and understand and treat disorders of eye. Most of the disorders encountered in the clinic are covered with their signs and symptoms and procedures to treat visual disorders. Intimates on silicone hydro gels disposable lenses, guides to fitting, evaluating and trouble shooting contact lenses, disposable lenses and care systems as well as on clinical topics such as bifocals.