Open Problems and Surveys of Contemporary Mathematics

Open problems are essential to the health and development of every subject of mathematics, and new theories are often born in attempts to solve them.The current volume notably presents lecture notes of Shing-Tung Yau of Harvard University - based on his extensive recent lecture series in Taiwan and Beijing - upon several open problems in differential geometry. In these lectures Yau explores the history, motivation, and connections of the problems discussed.Also presented in this volume are current open problems and recent survey papers by contemporary mathematicians including Murad Alim, David Baraglia, Arnaud Beauville, Eric King-wah Chu, Joris van Hoboken, Lizhen Ji, Wen-Wei Lin, James S. Milne, and Nanhua Xi.This volume is a valuable reference for both beginners and experts.This volume is part of the Surveys of Modern Mathematics book series.