Online Professional Development: Design, Deliver, Succeed!

Much-needed direction for navigating online professional development Although many educators are on the fast track to embracing online professional development (OPD), choosing the best solution is not as simple as pushing a button. OPD expert John D. RossAEs practical framework will guide you through asking the right questions and making sound development and purchasing decisions. The bookAEs process is founded on proven principles of professional learning and instructional design. You will benefit from othersAE experience and expertise while efficiently charting a cost-effective course to success. This reader-friendly guide provides a path to answering these fundamental questions:Why do I need OPD? How much does it cost? How do I get started? What does high-quality online learning look like? What technologies are right for me? Did it work? Included are an OPD decision matrix, a step-by-step planning and implementation framework, obuyer bewareoe guidelines, and real-life case studies from successful OPD providers. Whether you want to purchase or create OPD, this timesaving resource will help you understand your financial options and confidently chart your course to success.