One Field, Many Paths: U. S. Doctoral Programs in Mathematics Education

This book is the first to focus specifically on doctoral programs in mathematics education. It reflects the proceedings of a National Conference on Doctoral Programs in Mathematics Education (Lake Ozark, MO) which was sponsored by the National Science Foundation. This conference was proceeded by a comprehensive survey of programs conducted over the preceding year. The meeting was designed to generate dialog regarding the nature of current doctoral programs in mathematics education, to discuss ways to strengthen such programs, and to detail suggestions and guidelines for faculty engaged in restructuring an existing program or in creating a new one.This volume outlines the results of the conference organized by the following sections: Background, which includes papers providing different perspectives of doctoral programs in mathematics education in the U.S. and abroad; Core Components, which highlights elements in common to most doctoral mathematic programs, including course work, research, education, and teaching; Related Issues, which addresses the challenges of recruiting, organizing new programs, and restructuring existing programs; Reactions and Reflections, which contains the thoughts of recent graduates regarding their doctoral programs and observations on the importance of integrating policy issues into doctoral programs; and, Ideas for Action, which provides a brief synthesis of the conference and offers suggestions for future action to improve future doctoral programs.