Obstetric Medicine: Management of Medical Disorders in Pregnancy

The sixth edition of this classic text, now renamed Obstetric Medicine, concentrates on practical issues of clinical management and addresses both common and uncommon medical and surgical problems encountered during pregnancy. The name change acknowledges the evolution of an emerging special interest domain as physicians are increasingly caring for pregnant women with acute and chronic medical conditions that require complex assessment and sophisticated care. The text will be invaluable to practitioners who need to clarify and manage the intricacies of such cases. The editors are an obstetrician with a longstanding interest in the management of surgical and medical complications of pregnancy and an internist-nephrologist with extensive experience in the management of medical diseases during gestation. They have assembled a group of contributors with an exceptionally broad range of backgrounds and interests, who in turn have emphasized clinical management approaches that are grounded in our understanding of pathophysiology and are functional in their attention to practical detail.