Nuclear Physics at Storage Rings: Fourth International Conference - Stori99. Bloomington, Indiana, 12-16 September 1999: Fourth International Conference

The aim of the STORI99 Conference was to bring together physicists from a diverse international research community connected by the common technology of storage rings and review the topics of current interest in nuclear physics research with stored, cooled ion beams and electron beams. Specifically, the scientific program of STORI99 focused on recent results from a wide variety of experimental programs at existing stored-beam facilities, on progress in associated theoretical issues, and on discussion of new facilities and experimental techniques. In addition to the traditional physics topics covered by the series of STORI conferences (nucleon physics and meson production, physics with stored heavy-ion beams, polarized beams and targets), new physics topics introduced at STORI99 included strangeness production with high-energy stored proton beams and physics with stored electron beams.