Nouveau Voyage 1 Teacher's Handbook: French for Junior Cycle

Series: Nouveau Voyage
The perfect teaching tool to accompany the Nouveau Voyage 1 textbook, this Teacher's Handbook contains a wealth of support including: Assessment for Learning (AfL) guidelines to accompany the strategies in the book A suggested scheme of work for Nouveau Voyage 1 Detail on the European Language Portfolio (ELP) - especially student learning profile and target setting Sample questions, marking schemes and roleplays from the Junior Cycle Oral Exam Tests for each unit in the book Solutions to the Un peu de revision sections at the end of each unit, and for the unit tests Extra handy resources such as Certificat de merite and individual goal sheets Full scripts for CD material, videos and narrated photo stories TEACHER RESOURCES for Nouveau Voyage 1 PowerPoint presentations with relevant vocabulary and grammar from each unit are available on The Nouveau Voyage 1 eBook blends the wealth of digital resources available for this title in one place, saving you valuable time in class. These include: Videos Narrated photo stories Audio Weblinks A Teacher's CD-ROM containing the above material is available on request to give you an alternative way to access all digital and other teacher material. WATCH author Maria Harney's TOP TIPS for language teaching in the mixed-ability classroom.