Notes to my Daughter: A Father's Blitz Diary

When Christine Cuss (nee Pierce), was born in 1934, her doting father began a journal addressed to her. At first he recorded everyday details such as first teeth and family holidays, but as the 1930s progressed his words took on a more sinister tone, as Europe and the world prepared for war. As well as being a rare historical document, Notes to my Daughter shows another side to the Second World War. It was written by a man who was torn between his duty to his country and his duty to his family. In a poignant and heart-warming turn of events, at every crossroads Alexander Pierce chose his family, not least his only daughter, Christine. This little family is an example of the spirit and determination of the British people through difficult times. Old or young, the sentiments expressed in these love letters to a cherished child will not fail to touch and move all who read them, and open a window into the extraordinary life of an ordinary family.