Not You Again!: Helping Children Improve Playtime and Lunch-time Behaviour

Includes CD-Rom 'This newly updated resource book with printable activities (on an accompanying CD-Rom) provides excellent teaching materials for busy teachers and teaching assistants. It is likely to be most useful when linked to professional development activities designed to address behaviour issues at the whole-school level' - SENCO Update `This easy to use book helps lunch and playtime support staff to help pupils improve their behaviour by encouraging them to think about the impact their inappropriate behaviour has, not only on themselves, but on those around them, and their environment. The worksheets are not mundane punishment activities, but a chance for the pupil to learn about themselves and their actions and provide an opportunity for dialogue and discussion with their peers and adults' - Ltd '[This book] offers a resource to schools that can be incorporated into differentiated classroom planning, as well as IBPs, IEPs or pastoral guidance for a particular child...[The book offers] a comprehensive means of helping those children who struggle with their behaviour to learn to take responsibility for their actions and to improve' - Special Designed for use in primary and special schools, this updated edition of Fiona Wallace and Diane Caesar's popular resource now provides teachers and other educational professionals with more than 80 worksheets to promote positive behaviour at break times. The worksheets help the pupils to focus on what gets them into trouble, and promote new skills and more positive attitudes. In this new edition, as well as covering the usual trouble spots such as bad language, fighting and playing in the toilets, there are brand new sections on: * wet playtimes * making things better * being polite * keeping the rules * learning to think * friendships A new record sheet to monitor and evaluate the children's progress has also been added. Drawing on the authors' experiences as a teacher and an educational psychologist, this resource is perfect for anyone looking for a positive way to improve behaviour at break times.