Nordie's at Noon: The Personal Stories of Four Women Too Young for Breast Cancer

This is a true story about four young friends diagnosed with breast cancer and the monthly luncheon that lifted their spirits. Like any group of young women, Patti, Kim, Jennifer and Jana talked about their latest career moves, the men in their lives, and their dreams for family when they met each month for lunch at the trendy cafe at their local Nordstrom's department store. But unlike other women their age, their conversations also turned to more serious issues, issues their non-breast-cancer friends couldn't have imagined or understood. Indeed, it was the diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of thirty or younger that had brought the women together in the first place. But it was a desire to tell their stories, provide hope to others and to celebrate the journey of life after a cancer diagnosis that would make them friends for life. Nordie's at Noon shares the personal stories of each of these extraordinary and courageous women. A source of humour, strength, inspiration and education, the book will speak to anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer, supported someone with the disease, or faced a seemingly insurmountable challenge. A celebration of friendship and of living life to the fullest, Nordie's at Noon is also a book that will encourage women everywhere to be proactive with their health - and realise that no-one is too young for breast cancer.