Nonsense Botany and Nonsense Alphabets

Edward Lear's poetry and prose celebrates the joy of living, and has influenced writers and illustrators from Terry Gilliam to Spike Milligan and Ricky Gervais.Although the subject and form of his works varies greatly, all of Lear's poems can be characterized by his irreverent view of the world, and many critics view Lear's nonsense books as his way of undermining the all-pervasive orderliness and industriousness of Victorian society. However, regardless of his inspiration or impetus, the appeal of Lear's poems and illustrations has proved timeless. Nonsense Botany and Nonsense Alphabets contains illustrations and pictorial depictions from Lear's incredible imagination of plants and creatures, with appropriate captions and lyrics. His strange botanical illustrations include Manypeeplia Upsidownia, Piggiwiggia Pyramidalis and Pollybirdia Singularis whilst the Nonsense Alphabets consist of three sets of illustrated alphabets which twist and turn around the most bizzare imagery and language.