None of My Affair

Jay and Frank O'Farrell's marriage works perfectly. So long as he shows up and she gets to show off - Frank can do pretty much what he wants. Carrie, married to serial adulterer Don, with three beautiful daughters, is tired of living a lie and vows that it's finally over. But then Ali, their supermodel daughter, announces her plans for the society wedding of the decade and Carrie's thoughts of escape are put on hold. When the Excalibur, the notorious yacht moored in the south of Spain, owned by Jay and Frank, is chosen as the ideal venue for the wedding, Carrie jumps at the chance to go down there to oversee things. What she and Jay don't realise, however, is that Rudi Weiss, the troubled, sexy South African skipper of the Excalibur, has his own agenda. Not far away in a mansion on Marbella's Golden Mile, Frank's latest indiscretion threatens to upset the precarious balance of Jay's carefully structured life. As Frank is sucked in, Jay quickly realises that this time she isn't dealing with just another bimbo. As the wedding party descends on Puerto Banus, a tangled web of intrigue and deception is unveiled, and disaster strikes for the gilded guests.