Noncommutative Geometry and Representation Theory in Mathematical Physics

Mathematics provides a language in which to formulate the laws that govern nature. It is a language proven to be both powerful and effective. In the quest for a deeper understanding of the fundamental laws of physics, one is led to theories that are increasingly difficult to put to the test. In recent years, many novel questions have emerged in mathematical physics, particularly in quantum field theory. Indeed, several areas of mathematics have lately become increasingly influential in physics and, in turn, have become influenced by developments in physics. Over the last two decades, interactions between mathematicians and physicists have increased enormously and have resulted in a fruitful cross-fertilization of the two communities.This volume contains the plenary talks from the international symposium on Noncommutative Geometry and Representation Theory in Mathematical Physics held at Karlstad University (Sweden) as a satellite conference to the Fourth European Congress of Mathematics. The scope of the volume is large and its content is relevant to various scientific communities interested in noncommutative geometry and representation theory. It offers a comprehensive view of the state of affairs for these two branches of mathematical physics. The book is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in mathematical physics.