No Just Desserts

In the tradition of Diane Mott Davidson, Elisabeth Bastion gives us a delightful new culinary mystery and a wonderful new amateur sleuth, Lucille Anderson. Lucille has just been handed the special assignment of her life - the New York PR agency she works for is sending her to London. Her job is to add American ideas to the launch campaign for Sweet Whippo, a new, totally synthetic product designed to replace sugar, fat, salt, and calories. Instead, she finds herself the target of a vicious hate campaign. As soon as she sets down in England, her arrival is marked by several odd events - first food poisoning, then threatening notes and even a stalker. When the London office test kitchen supervisor dies from a fall, Lucille commits herself to proving it wasn't an accident. As she gets closer to solving the murder, she discovers her list of four suspects includes her own lover. Lucille will have to stay one step ahead of a determined, cunning killer, or she just might find her own head on the chopping block. Elisabeth Bastion lives in East Hampton on Long Island and England.