No Happy Endings

Is there life after death? Could there possibly be a more important question facing mankind than this? Can you think of one? After all all of us eventually will die. There are no options about this and there is definitely no escape. It is the only thing you can predict in your life with absolute certainty. Nobody gets out of this world alive. If you do happen to believe in life after death; then you are not alone. The belief that life of some description carries on after we die is a worldwide concept accepted as a reality by billions of people across the planet; from western religious devotees and eastern mystics, right through to primitive tribesmen in the Amazon jungle and one which people believe in wholeheartedly regardless of the fact that they have no personal proof of it themselves whatsoever. Author John Seaton used to be one of them. However after many years of intensively studying and pondering this most elusive question from every conceivable angle and equation he has come to a very different set of conclusions concerning the true facts behind what is a deeply mysterious subject. 'No Happy Endings' is the result. A sceptical, uncompromising and perhaps rather controversial overview of the entire life after death, spiritualism and organized religion scenario. An indepth exploration of the whole messy business that makes it clear from the start that no stone will be left unturned in search of the truth; regardless of how much offence, shock and dismay the contents may cause. Whether the reader agrees with the ultimate conclusions laid out in this book is not the issue. The author does not expect everybody to concur with his arguments although he would certainly like to hear some answers if you believe that he is mistaken! At the very least 'No Happy Endings' is a book that should ultimately give you plenty of food for thought. Not to mention some very sleepless nights!