Ninjateers: Rise of a New Enemy

After the calamity of World War III, the pursuit of advanced technology is abandoned for simpler living. The giant continent of Palmara is now the home of those who remain. By the late 22nd century, the Ninjateers are cemented as the guardians of Palmara. Every child dreams of joining their ranks, but only those who endure the hardships of training will be given the title of Ninjateer. Among those training are four teenage boys: Govant, Khalis, Kade, and Farik. They are close to joining the ranks of the Ninjateers, but lack of discipline could cost them their childhood dream. It could also cost Govant his relationship with his father and with Kyra, the girl he longs to pursue. Meanwhile, in the south a new enemy is rising to challenge the Ninjateers: one not made of flesh, but of artificial intelligence. They are the Humanots, and their leader, Robuto, will not stop until all of Palmara is under their rule Half of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that fight Human Trafficking.