Night Shifters

Paperback / softback
The first two books in Sarah A. Hoyt's Shifter series (Draw One in the Dark and Gentleman Takes a Chance) together for the first time! There are those living secretly among us who have the power to change their physical form from that of a human to an animal, even animals thought to be mythical, such as dragons. Throughout out the ages, these shape-shifters have come together to protect themselves from humans - and other shape-shifters. One of those places they've come together is the town of Goldport, Colorado. Someone - or something - has been killing shifters in large numbers, and the most ancient and powerful of shifters are converging on the Goldport to find the killer. According to their code, killing another shifter is a crime, no matter if the shifter was slaughtering humans. Now Kyrie Smith, a young panther shifter, must decide where she will stand: with her group or with humanity at large.