New Understanding Numeracy: Gr 1: Teacher's Guide

New understanding numeracy has been completely revised to meet the requirements of the Revised National curriculum Statement (NCS). This course will empower learners to become mathematically competent and support teachers to ensure that learners meet the assessment standards of the Revised National curriculum Statement. Workbooks and learners' books ensure that learners will meet the assessment standards of all five learning outcomes. Workbooks and learner's books provide learner self-assessment features. Workbooks and learner's books have work boxes with key words in all 11 South African languages. The will affirm learner's mother tongue in multilingual classrooms and develop learner's mathematical language skills. Teacher's guides give support around the mathematical concepts, assessment strategies, integration opportunities as well as information about the revised national Curriculum Statement. New understanding numeracy gives clear indications about which learning outcomes and assessment standards are being developed in each worksheet and activity. The foundations phase resource book provides additional integration activities and can be used for consolidation and extra practice or for extension activities for learners who need a challenge. Foundation phase posters are an extra resource, which can be used to introduce topics, draw on learners' prior knowledge and link mathematical concepts to the everyday contexts in which they are useful.