New Sustainable Homes: Designs For Healthy Living

What makes a sustainable house a sustainable home? NEW SUSTAINABLE HOMES will address that question by presenting a wide range of projects where the architect and client have made a conscientious effort to incorporate sustainability into the design of the home and construction materials used in its execution. The result is a home that is less toxic to live in, is cheaper to operate, and often gives back to the environment rather than taking away. Also, and this is the most important consideration for many, it is a great looking, highly livable home that not only retains its value but has been shown to increase in value more quickly than more conventionally conceived houses because of cheaper operating expenses. These designers and their clients are not on the fringe. NEW SUSTAINABLE HOMES will show readers will learn about the many materials and techniques that make up today's sustainable house, including: 1) the use of pervious concrete on driveways that allows water to seep through to the water table below. 2) using bio-fiber panels in lieu of plywood for interior finishing 3) using organic, green roofs that improve insulation, absorb sound and manage storm-water runoff 4) solar water heating systems 5) use of high thermal performance windows 6) photovoltaic electrical systems