New Seed for Old

The fourth in the First Born of Egypt series has Lord Canteloupe wanting a satisfactory heir so that his dynasty may continue. Unfortunately, Lord Canteloupe is impotent and his existing heir, little Tully Sarum, is not of sound mind. His wife Theodosia is prepared to do her duty when a suitable partner is found. Finding the man and the occasion proves somewhat tricky however, and it is not until Lord Canteloupe goes up to Lord¿s for the first match of the season that progress is made. ¿Raven¿s unique vision of our times ¿ classes battling, corruption raging, ideas flashing ¿ is not only valid, but valuable. He spins webs of chance, intrigue and wit to ensnare civilised values and trap the truth¿ ¿ Mail on Sunday