New Persian Cooking: A Fresh Approach to the Classic Cuisine of Iran

The subtleties of Persian cuisine and their exciting mix of flavours are totally distinct from other styles of cooking and make it one of the great cuisines of the world. The traditional emphasis on the use of fresh and seasonal ingredients and the importance of a complementary mix of herbs, vegetables, meat, fish, fruit and spices, accords well with the modern desire for healthy eating and a balanced diet. This highly-illustrated cookbook offers an enticing introduction to traditional Persian cuisine through recipes that are accessible to the non-professional cook and are based on ingredients that are readily available in the West. As a medical doctor aware of today's health concerns, Jila Dana-Haeri has adapted traditional Persian recipes for today's more health-conscious readers and cooks. Using ingredients that are readily available to create dishes that are both healthy and nutritious, the authors demonstrate that Persian food can be made easily anywhere in the world. Featuring beautiful photographs by award-winning food photographer Jason Lowe, this book will be essential for anyone interested in sampling Persian cuisine and expanding their cultural horizons.